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Corsair Krandor woke up from his meditative stance to see the shuttle has arrived in Telos, where a space battle of epic proportions was happening over the green planet. From a distance, there seemed to be no clear sign on who was winning and who was losing, a fact that irritated the Sith Lord. Krandor was known for his judgment on the outcome of battles, and that battle was cloudy, to say the least.

On one side were the Revanchists, proud and strong, with their ships firing an endless barrage of lasers against the attacking Republic forces. The Republic forces were organized, but significantly outnumbered.

As his shuttle moved closer to the chaos, and after a much closer look, Lord Corsair was able to conclude that the Revanchists were lead by a gray Interdictor cruiser. An even closer inspection revealed that the cruiser was the Leviathan, Admiral Karath's flagship.

"Phoenix!, called out the Sith Lord to his aide.

"You have need of me, sir?", asked Captain Phoenix, who was just made aware of his master's presence.

"I want you to initiate contact with the Leviathan. Also, keep us out of the battle while you get in range."

"Yes, sir!", was the eager reply of the young Sith Captain.

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