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Lord Malak's rearguard fleet arrived at Telos. Malak gazed at the Leviathen leading the ausult on Telos. He sneered a little smile and then left for the hangar of his frigate. "Luitenant! Prep my shuttle for launch. I'm heading to my flagship."

"Sir yes Sir!" Malak was soon aboard his vessel and then made contact with Admiral Karath.

"Commander, I have arrived, who is currently commanding the vessel?"

"Lord Corsair milord. He has been doing a fairly good job at that."

"He has done well, I will assume command now. Tell the General to get off my bridge and get him to his vessel. He may barrow my shuttle."

"Yes Milord! I'll tell him." Malak strode with his accolites to the bridge and he passed Corsair and his guards. Malak's underling saluted him and Malak did a revrent bow back to him. He hoped his master knew what he was doing by giving Lord Corsair a sixth of the Sith Fleet. He believed, when it was time, Malak would betray Revan once he learned everything. He needed to find a descent apprentice, and Corsair would be a good one. Corsair was in fact Malak's best General, he was also third in command of the entire Empire. Malak knew that he and Corsair would become close friends. He was needed in order to betray Revan. Though Revan gave Corsair temperary command of the Revanchist Empire, Corsair still was Malak's underling, and he had the right to slay him if he wished, but he didn't wish to. Malak held no jelousy toward Corsair given the fact that he wouldn't always be second in command. Or would he, at least when Revan was out of the way. But as Malak planned, that wouldn't be for a year or so. For now, he was ready to prove himslef to his master.

"Put Lord Revan through Captain!" She put him through.

"Master, I feel threatened by Lord Corsair. How could I prove myself to you. What If I all of a sudden beat Corsair in a duel I could fire upon his fleet? May I Master? I will not kill him, but it is the way of the Sith to betray. His Majesty himslef said so in the outer regions. What do you say? May I assume command and show that weakling who the real apprentice is?

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