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"No. Not really." Manson sighed. "Baldur? I'm switching you from Moxie to train someone else."

Baldur exchanged with an odd expression. He raised an eyebrow.

You see... I thought about it. And... I think this one new agent I met might suit you. Moxie, she's a good kid. It's just that I want to make sure that she doesn't feel... how should I say this... depressed around you. So... I'm letting Darius train her. That okay with you, Septimus?"

"With all due respect, sir; I question those intentions." Baldur began. "First of all; do you believe me of being too much of a harsh teacher to guide young Moxie? I do follow proper protocol, but I must admit I am abit new to the whole "Student/Teacher" concept."

For each question Baldur asked, he allowed Manson to reply before asking the next one.

"Secondly; are you sure its the right decision to allow Darius to become her fulltime instructor, so easily? He knows very little about us and how we operate, and we know so little about him. He hasnt even gone through the Agent Training Program."

"Lastly, who are you assigning me to?"
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