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“GERNADE!” Davi ducked as a explosion started to shake his box. He cursed as most of his box was utterly destroyed. He tried to shoot at the oncoming troops but cursed as he saw his rifle was utterly destroyed. He started to run back and checked for his blaster. He cursed louder. He left his blaster in the armory. He took his vibrio knife out and hid behind a corner and waited.

Republic soldier's had been pushed back, but only a few feet, so the battle was still in their favor. At least it was until someone yelled “Sith!” Davi cursed even louder. That was the last thing he needed. He needed to take out this so called Sith fast or else the troop's would be dead fast. He peered around the corner and saw what they yelled. A Rodian in silver amour, with a saber staff. He was leading the charge except for several soldier's still in a firefight.

Davi turned the corner and lunged forward as he watched his knife dig into the soldier's chest, then quickly grabbed the soldier's weapon and shot at several other soldier's. He watched as they dropped to the ground then shot his eyebrow's up as the Sith saw him. He threw the dead soldier's body into the Sith and watched as the Sith cut it in half. The Sith then picked up his pace, reflecting shots back at their shooters as Davi held his position.

Davi blinked and continued to stay in position. He fought Jedi and Sith before. He knew their tricks. But one that get most people killed was that their thoughts showed their action's. You can also counter act this with a blocker like playing pazzak in their head. But he came up with a trick that most Jedi or Sith fell for. Think a action, then do something different. A simple trick but Jedi and Sith haven't figured it out. Yet.

The Sith swung vertically with Davi rolling back. Davi quickly thought “Swing at face. Won't block in time.” Davi started to aim at the face with the Sith but quickly twirled in a clockwise direction as the Sith swung at where his arm use to be. During his twirling though, Davi cut at the front of the ankle's of the supposed Sith, which cut through the boot the Sith was wearing and barley cut the ankle's of his attacker. But because his knife was a Vibro knife, the small cut became a huge gash. The Rodian screamed and fell backwards, with the Rodian accidentally cutting his own hand off with his saber.

Davi lunged forward and dropped his knife. He snapped the Rodian's neck, having no other way to kill him other then his knife which would be a lot of pain. He looked up as republic soldier's rushed past him, having gained motivation and the enemy losing some. Davi grinned a bit but then noticed the saber staff from his fallen enemy. He deactivated it and hanged it on his belt, grabbed a near by rifle from a fallen soldier, and was back fighting.
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