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"Master, I must gain prestige If I am to become worthy once more. I could recruit some of the most powerful Jedi to the cause, and the Revanchist Empire will have new allies. Corsair is a fool and shouldn't have the title of apprentice for himself, I however, will do something no other Sith has ever done. I will prove to you that Corsair isn't fit to carry the mantle of Apprentice. First off, I have just finished bombing Telos, but the battle is far from over.I will temperarily give Lord Corsair Admiral Karath's fleet until furthur notice. He will clean up my mess I made on Telos 4. My second task will be to recruit three Sith Lords I have found on the surface of Onderon several weeks ago. One of them claims to have been your master when you were a young child, and again when you learned everything from the Jedi. She goes by the name, Traya, and her apprentices are Sion and Nihilus. They are willing to pledge allegience to you, they only ask for one thing in return. Malachor is to be their base of operations. They have the best assasins and marauders in the Empire. Third, I shall make contact with His Majesty, Emperor of the True Sith, and I shall construct an academy in the outer regions that specializes in killing Jedi. Last but not least, do you remember Bastila Shan? During the war, you told me that you two knew each-other as children. She had a bit of a Jedi crush on you, but I heard she is your ideal Jedi now, quite beautiful to from what I heard. She is very powerful and is mastering the art of battle meditation which can help us in the longrun. If I convince her, I can reveal your true identity to her, and she will love you. She not only will become a High General of the Revanchists, but she could also take Corsair's place, and become your mistress at the same time. Think about it. Would you like that? I need a responce, and I will carry all of this out before I can snap my finger. I doubt you'll get such an offer from Corsair. Malak out!"
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