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It was not so much a feeling in the force as something captured by the tired Sith Lord's senses. It was probably something that walked the fine line of these two things, a sensation, an experience so near yet so far. It was the fall of a thousand buildings and the silencing of a billion screams. It was the death of creature, young and old, wise and foolish. Although the true nature of the devastation has not yet been made clear to Corsair, one thing was very clear. Something is wrong. Very wrong., thought the Sith Lord to himself.

The nature of the feeling was soon made clear to the Sith Lord, as a huge explosion, no, thousands of huge explosions were heard over, or rather in, Telos IV. The sight that preceded this memory was horrifying to Krandor, who did not dare look at the carnage.

Many of the ships he commanded, it seems, did not follow the orders he set, and bombarded the fragile city with their strong lasers. Corsair watched in horror.

The next feeling was one of hate, a power Krandor learned to control, then release. His hatred was probably inspired by the person who suddenly stood behind him. Malak. Corsair gave a paltry salute, not at all believing that the past chain-of-command was ideal. No, Corsair liked being the Shadow Hand of Revan.

"I assume this carnage is your fault, Malak?", grunted the Sith Lord.

"Tell me. What did you hope to achieve? With the destruction of this planet, our Lord Revan's fears are only given room to be realized. Now, the battered Republic soldier would fight in the memory of Telos and its destruction, forever giving them inspiration to continue living."

Corsair now turned around to face Malak, a unique anger now flashing in the former's eyes.

"You do not know it yet, Malak, but you have betrayed us all. And you betray me and us still with your presence. Leave me."

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