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Malak turned to Lord Corsair and spoke in a demeanting tone.

"I have not betrayed the Sith! You are a disgrace Corsair! I am the true Apprentice! You are nothing but Revan's puppet! The Dark Lord of the Sith has made you his shaddow hand for a reason! You see, this was all just a game, I have always been the true Apprentice, Revan himself told me that he was just using you, like all Sith. This is my campaign, not yours. You are a powerful Sith Corsair, become my apprentice, and after my Master is killed by my hands when I have learned all I can, you can rule by my side. If not, I can just kill you now."

Corsiar was to make up his mind....... and fast, before Malak gave him the killing blow.

"What do you say, become my Apprentice, or die?"........

Note for Lord Betrayal: This is a critical choice, fight Malak, or serve him. Sorry if this sounds like too much godmodding, but I didn't actually portray your character.
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