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At the sudden change of events, Corsair merely smiled, not at all fazed by the predicament he was in. He stepped back a bit, knowing full well how dangerous a Sith like Darth Malak was when he was angry.

"What have I done to deserve this insult, Malak? You barge into a Sith Lord's ship and think him unprepared?"

The Sith Lord released a hearty laugh, which to the spectator might have been more a growl than a human laugh. He then nodded at one of the technicians nearby, who opened a blast door that contained Dark Jedi. At the sight of this, Corsair smiled, then unholstered his lightsaber. As he clicked the button, a large red blade appeared, pleasing Corsair.

"May I direct your attention to the blast door behind you, Malak?"

Krandor pointed at the blast door cockily, knowing the honor of his opponent forbade him from making any quick moves. About twenty pale men stepped out of the room behind the door, all of them wielding lightsabers and all of them clad in black.

"The Echani's lives revolve around combat, and are seen as the greatest warriors in the world. That is why you should imagine my delight when I have found these twenty Echani children while the Revanchists fought in their homeplanet. I trained them in the ways of the force, that they may becine strong, but not as strong as I. Have at them, Malak."

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