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Malak laughed heartily, and went for the echani. Showing Corsair the power of the Darkside, he slew each and every one of the echani weeklings.

"You have to do better than sending mere Echani children at me! Everybody knows that Echani are all but martial artists who attempt to fight. Do you realy think they are supirior over a Mandalorian per-say? Or what about a true Sith?"

Malak didn't even give Corsair enough time to ignite his blade, and slashed at his shoulder. "So Corsair, I'll give you one more chance, become my Apprentice, or die?"

At that moment, who should show up, but Lord Revan himself.

"Master!" Malak said abandoning Corsair mortally wounded on the deck of the blood stained frigate bridge. "Your shaddow hand attempts to insult me by attacking me after summoning me to his vessel!" Malak knew this was a lie, but it was the only way to convince him to his side, after all, Peace was a Lie.

Malak thought the words of the Sith Code over and over and over again.

'Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion
Through Passion I gain Strength,
Through Strength, I gain Power
Through Power I gain Victory
Through Victory, my Chains are Broken
The Force shall set me Free!'

At that minute, he knew his Master's decision.......

Note for Spitfire: Revan has arrived at Corsair's cruiser over Telos, what will he do? Side with Malak, or side with Corsair? Sorry if this seemed like too much godmodding, but it fits in best with cannon.

Note for LOB: Sorry about previous GMing! The only thing I made Corsair do was charge at Malak. I have to leave everything else. editN2: I left out the parts where Corsair fought back and make Malak minorly wound him. I, personaly, have no problem if you make Malak and Corsair duel. I don't care if you use my character unless you have explict permision from me, which you have as of now as long as Malak unnoficialy wins the duel (it seems it would fit best in with cannon that way)

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