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Days of Fall: Call to Arms

The docks were full of transports bringing new and returning students to the Academy. Aruko Blackfern took a breath of the air of the Canadian wilderness that made up most of the Academy grounds. He had been waiting a year and now he was finally here on his way to becoming a FedCON officer.

Looking around, Aruko saw different aliens who chose to live on Earth and people of all different skin tones trying to make their way through. Being new, he wasn't sure where to go or what he was to do next. After being jostled a bit by some upperclassmen, he decided to take a more active route.

He looked and spotted the cadet he sat next to on the transport. He made his way over as carefully as possible, trying not to jostle too many people. Experience told him that people who were bumped by him got pissed at him. He brushed against one cadet, muttered his apologies and was gone before he ever saw the face of the cadet.

When he finally made it to the cadet, he said, "Crazy isn't Salazaar?"

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