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Now, let me say I haven't played this game yet, so I can't say whether in the logic of the game itself (the story contained within the game) what all this stuff about Vader is like, but I can comment on how it is in terms of Star Wars in general...

Originally Posted by DarthSlinky View Post
Well if you don't count the dark side as a lessened ability no, but physical, Vader could barely breath much less fight, only Vaders insane force ability kept him alive after Mustafar and the subsequent transformation. That would have killed any normal person and most Jedi-Sith.
It's the same sort of voodoo that allows somebody as old and frail as Dooku or Yoda to fight like a cartoon matrix character. The trouble is we don't know the limits to this sort of thing or how it works, short of some game mechanic.

His power would decrees over time, due to the dark side, "eating" away at his body, and the suit deteriorating (Its what 21-22 years old during ANH),
For all we know force ability increases with time, rather than decreases. Sure, maybe if you think it's a "life force" and your "life force" decreases as your body ages, but that doesn't seem to be the case with the Emperor or Yoda (well, unless you count not doing flips to mean they're weaker, but then there's that drastic change in force/fighting style from OT to PT... but then Yoda was already hundreds of years old in the PT, would his abilities really disappear in a mere couple of decades?). Maybe we can't trust what Yoda says in the OT anymore, but he does make it sound like your body isn't the determining factor ("luminous beings are we, not this crude matter") and size isn't either. I think we've discussed on here before how literal we should take this whole "midichlorian" thing (which just raises more questions than it answers), and whether fat Jedi would be more powerful than skinny Jedi and whether you could inject them into people to make them stronger, etc.

And yeah, chronologically speaking the Emperor is an old, old man by the time of the OT. However we see in the PT that his appearance isn't simply due to natural aging (however you explain what happens to him when he's getting zapped by his own lightning in Episode III). He was able to somehow move just like Yoda, and defeat supposed Jedi Masters with the greatest of ease (though it looks like these guys either forgot how to fight or were never that good to begin with, thanks to bad choreography).

I doubt replacing the suit is an option, it would probably kill him.
Extremely doubtful, since they have the technology to put it on a dying, burnt up person in the first place. We know they can bionicize somebody like Grievous, so why not? The parts will wear out and need to be replaced. Their cybernetics technology is so advanced I couldn't believe it wouldn't be possible.

And as it turns out, the Vader "suit" is visibly different in each movie in which it appears, so in fact we can assume the suit was "replaced" (maybe not all at once, but over time, certainly) several times. For all we know, the suit is even better "now" (OT era) than when he first got it at the end of ROTS. He also had to learn to get used to it. Notice how he was staggering around, compared to how he was leaping down flights of stairs in ESB.

So what is left, a broken shell of jedi in an ancient life support suit, with organ damage so severe that only his hatred for the Emperor, himself, and the galaxy keeps him alive, he's a broken man.
That is only my personal canon of course.
A "broken man" who can still kick butt with the best of them!

Speculations and complaints aside, I think there's just not enough information to give any logical gauge for "force potential" or "force power level" in the Star Wars movies, and the EU stuff is inconsistent with itself, so it's anyone's guess. Force users in Star Wars also seem to fall into the common comic book super hero problem of conveniently "forgetting" to use their powers or suddenly having new abilities when the story calls for it (lame explanations may or may not come later). Even the midichlorian thing doesn't seem to prove much (we have precisely one ballpark figure for Anakin as a child, and that it's supposedly higher than Yoda or "any Jedi" but that's it, and in the wider "canon" he's clearly not the most powerful, and even in the movies he's not the best, since he is beaten twice in fair fights).

Great being a Star Wars fan, huh? All this stuff to wonder about, and no clear answers, but everybody tries!

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