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Originally Posted by gos View Post
how about: while ben is getting in the kickstand he finds bikers team in it, which he hates. ben and his gang goes into a fight with them, the polecats gets defeated. ben wakes up somewhere in the desert, his bike is crashed into pieces. so he should find another way going. like putting a trap on the road so when another biker comes he will fall, then ben can use his bike. the bike will be kinda broken, but at least not into pieces

and of course when he wake up, he must go find where the road is. be cause he is in an unknown place in the desert.
Nah. If he is always getting unconscious, I think he can´t ride a bike anymore.

Let´s forget those "He wakes up somewhere"-things. Let´s do something a little bit original. We need something deeper.

My stupid idea:
Father Torque gets killed by somebody. The legacy of Father Torque will be given to Ben, but will be secretly stolen by Rottwheelers.

Rottwheelers tries to bribe one of Polecats to assasinate Ben, but they failed to make a deal. When the Polecats hear about this, they´ll get furious and start a war with Rottwheelers.

Polecats are victorious. They return to Kick-Stand. Quohog(The bartender) is pretty jumpy and the Polecats are wondering what´s going on. Ben says:"Do you still remember my opinion about your nose?" And Quohog says:"Please, don´t hurt me! I´ll tell everything!"

You might think the rest.
Or do a better plot.

P.S: Does anybody here have skills to draw backgrounds like there is in FT? Because I´m thinking about changing the genre. RPG isn´t good for FT, but Adventure game will be too hard if no one can draw the backgrounds. I can draw the sprites.
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