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Originally Posted by Knight Of Honor View Post
The Gaming industry is no different from the rest of the world. Like politics. If we had enough people, we should have started a campaign to convince people not to bye the new MMO game. LucasArts need to be taught a lesson They have to much power, and they seem to have become corrupted.

Bioware also disappoint me. They will finish the ME trilogy. No problem. So why the hell would they abandon KOTOR

No way will a MMO game tell me what did or did not happen with Revan or the Exile. Only a KOTOR III could do that!
Yeah i agree man! I hate it when they keep saying " The old republic is knights of the old republic 4 5 6 7 and more." Thats great lucasarts but um........WHAT HAPPEND TO REVAN AND THE EXILE?? Freekin idiots I swear. Sure they're all about profit now which is why they made the mmo but they already had a storyline for kotor 3 done finished and they were well into production b4 they cancelled it. If they want to please the fans and make money. Just freekin make both! That way everyone who wants a kotor 3 gets a kotor 3 and anyone who wants to waste their money on the mmo can. That simple. I used to have lucasarts phone number to their corporate office. I got it off a friend who had an interview with them on a game he thought of. But he said they were jerks to him so he just prank called them with that number haha. But i broke my phone and lost the number. Id really like to get through to them about kotor 3. They probably wouldnt listen but it would make me feel better just to try and convince them.
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