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Extremely doubtful, since they have the technology to put it on a dying, burnt up person in the first place. We know they can bionicize somebody like Grievous, so why not? The parts will wear out and need to be replaced. Their cybernetics technology is so advanced I couldn't believe it wouldn't be possible.

And as it turns out, the Vader "suit" is visibly different in each movie in which it appears, so in fact we can assume the suit was "replaced" (maybe not all at once, but over time, certainly) several times. For all we know, the suit is even better "now" (OT era) than when he first got it at the end of ROTS. He also had to learn to get used to it. Notice how he was staggering around, compared to how he was leaping down flights of stairs in ESB.
Actually we really don't know what happen to Grievous, you can thank The Clone Wars for that.

Nah Vader didn't get a new suit for ESB and ROTJ he just got a new helmet (a non lopsided one) and had some stormtroopers polish his armor

What I really thought is that after all those years his armor mostly joined with his burned flesh as it healed, plus Vader sustained more injuries post Mustafar: Starkiller, anything he got from jedi hunting, and the unexplained skull and spinal injurys (look in ROTJ he has a fractured skull)

wookiepedia says
Though he would still remain extremely powerful, Sidious knew that the injuries Vader had sustained had robbed him of much of his potential.

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