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((Mrcharlton, I'll let this one slide, but please, Revan was supposed to be on his way to Taris; let it be up to me to decide whether or not he decides to return to Telos))

Revan scanned the sight before, then looked ahead and saw Telos in flames. "Telos . . . Lord Kandor, I gave you direct orders to spare the planets surface! How could this catsotrophe had happened?" At that moment, he called upon his command of the force and lifted the two Lords in the air in an intense force crush.

He dug through their minds, ripping their privacy and dignity to shreds, completely exposing them to his power. Then, he realized the truth. "Malak," he whispered.

"Lord Malak, you have been stripped of your rank! You are now a renegade in my army, and I will have my soldiers shoot you on sight.

"Here's my job for you; go to Taris in my stead, and go alone. You will infiltrate the Republic government incognito and try to rally support for our cause there. If you fail, I will force you to turn yourself in to Coruscant."

He let Malak's unconcsious body crumple to the ground, though he knew that his apprentice had heard everything before he lost concsiousness. He released Kandor as well. "As for you," he continued, turning to Corsair. "You have alway proven yourself wise and cunning, but you have failed me in this instance. However, it was partly my mistake that I let Malak come here.

"You have been promoted to the First Marshall of the Revanchist; you are now my second-in command until Malak proves himself on Taris. Now, we must act quickly. Our brethren on Foerost need help, and we need to clear this planet of our ships; there will be a powerful fleet from Corellia arriving soon. I will take Admiral Karath and we will leave to Foerost to intercept the Republic reinforcments. I would like to have you along."

((Mrcharlton, do you understand the new scenario? Do not change the entire plan of the story again please.

Darth Betrayal, you have a choice to come with Revan to Foerost or to take another story path, since I know you won't completely skew it.))

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