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--Samuel Williams--
Sam had no home, not officially. Ever since his father died, his only real place of rest was the academy. That was why he was allowed to stay during summer. On his crisp black uniform were two bars, signifying his two years of studying at the academy. Last year had been tough, he'd made it through in the moderate range, not excelling, but not failing either. He hoped to change that this year. He already had everything set up, his room was clean and orderly, and the spare room of his eventual room mate was sterile so as they could choose their own idea.
"That's probably him now." Sam said.
--Rani Provenza--
Rani was practically shaking with excitement. She could feel the vibes of the crowd giving her emotions of fear, anxiety, giddyness, and any emotion in-between. Rani still had trouble believing she was accepted. She knew she was smart, and had the skill to get in, but it's still a big shock when the school of her choice accepted her. She went over her plan for the umpteenth time in her head. Grab her bag, get to her room, make nice-nice with her roomie, if she had one, grab a bite of chow, then make it to the auditorium in time to listen to the 'Head Master' give his welcoming speech. She knew teh speech was mostly to get her ready, and most multi-year students skipped it all together. They had the idea of school by now. But, Rani wouldn't miss it for the world.

Deep thought #1: In the end, everyone dies. No one can outrun time, death itself is always breathing down your neck, just waiting to slip the noose over you. But, in your time of death, what matters is not when or how or even why. What matters is what you do with it. Do you sit down and call it quits, or do you get up, stare your killer and death itself in the face, and laugh copiously, right until the end.
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