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Davi continued to watch as the battle proceeded. So far the battle had been going well. The enemy force's were pushed out of the base and the main battle was at the gate. Davi proceeded forward and continued to eliminate enemy force's. He shot three, hid, four, hid, two, hid, and finally ran out of shots. He took out his combat knife and cut down three more enemies before he tried slicing through a enemies Vibro sword. He watched as the blade snapped in half and rolled backwards as the enemy tried slicing him.

Davi drew his saber staff and blocked another strike. He then started to fight at his full abilities. The problem was that the Saber was so light, that for anyone trained to use swords would never be able to cut through anything due to never striking with force. Davi however had used Saber's before, mostly from fallen friends in the Mandolorian war, and could fight with a saber as good as a sword or knife.

Davi lunged forward with his staff and watched as it went through the chest of the enemy soldier. He withdrew the saber and started to cut down soldier's by him. He had a feeling that unless Revan himself showed up, he and the republic would win this fortress.
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