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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
The key is if the Destroyer is at a very low position is when you need to slightly move your mouse a bit when the Destroyer starts to get out of position. It has a hard time being stabilized in one position, so you just have to slightly move the mouse in the opposite direction of where the Destroyer needs to go. Because it does take some time when you get it in the correct position before the light turns from red to green so you can start pulling it down, so if you're good at timing when to do slight movements, you'll figure it out just fine.
I've tried again today.
Thanks for your suggestion of moving the mouse slightly, this time I can pull the SD into a pretty low altitude and turn it towards me.

But I can't turn the light from red to green. I can't find the green light direction.
Should I turn it right towards me or something?

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