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Darius just nodded politely as Ashtin introduced himself. He could tell he was still mad at him for interfering with the mission. At least Ashtin was willing to let bygones be bygones for the time being. Darius waved to Moxie before looking back over to Ashtin.

"Look Ashtin, clearly you have a problem with me being here so I'll do my best to avoid you but I am Moxie's instructor and you're her friend from what I can gather which means we might be seeing more of each other than we want to. So for her sake and the rest of the group let's try to get along." Darius said in a whisper so only Ashtin would hear.

"Its nice to finally know your name Ashtin. Hey Moxie, does this place have any ice cream? I want a banana split so bad its crazy."
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