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"With all due respect, sir; I question those intentions." Baldur began. "First of all; do you believe me of being too much of a harsh teacher to guide young Moxie? I do follow proper protocol, but I must admit I am abit new to the whole "Student/Teacher" concept."

Manson looked down. "I'm not saying you're harsh to her, Baldur. I'm just saying that she needs to be more confident and actually talk to someone."

"Secondly; are you sure its the right decision to allow Darius to become her fulltime instructor, so easily? He knows very little about us and how we operate, and we know so little about him. He hasnt even gone through the Agent Training Program."

"That's the good part. I want Moxie to train under him so that she can keep an eye out for him, or report him if he tries anything. I trust she can do that."

"Lastly, who are you assigning me to?"

The old leader grinned. "An young person who has a mind and heart of a lioness. Her name's Sonya Edison."


"Well I gave it some thought and decided to join up; so here I am."

Sonya smiled brightly. "Wow! I so didn't know you decided to join! What a small world we live in."

She motioned him to sit down and talk with her for a bit. She sat on one of the chairs. "So, how ya been?"


"Hey sorry to bother you Mox and vampire whose name I don't know. Its just I'm really hungry and I don't know where to go to get food so I was wondering if you could help me out."

Moxie turned, and saw Darius enter the gym. She smiled. Before she could answer, Ashtin greeting himself.

"My name is Ashtin"

The young girl placed a closed hand over her heart, hoping that this would go smoothly between him and Darius. But seeing that Ashtin was being calm, she breathed silently.

"Its nice to finally know your name Ashtin. Hey Moxie, does this place have any ice cream? I want a banana split so bad its crazy."

"To get to the cafeteria, you just take a left, go down the hallway, make another left, and you'll see a large door. That's the cafeteria."

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