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Malak had never wanted to kill his Master this much! His anger was burning within him, he could have pulled out his lightsaber and easily begun his betrayal! But no, he had a job to do, to prove to his fool of a Master that his fool of an apprentice was not fit to rule such a mighty empire.

Malak's shuttle lifted off and set coarse for Taris where he was to infiltrate the Republic embessy. As much as Malak wanted to bomb Taris, he just couldn't. Not just because he had made that mistake on Cathar and Telos, but because Taris was his home planet!

Once he arrived on the surface, he was treated like an embassador, despite being a Sith. He was escorted to his chambers in one of the higher apartments in the dignitary sector. He gave a sneer and pretended to meet the other dignitaries down for dinner, but Malak had other plans. Because Taris was his old planet, he knew many people their, and one place to rally them all would be in Javyar's Cantina.

He marched into the lower city later that night, and saw many familiar faces, not just old freinds, but other grey Jedi once stationed on Taris before the destruction of the Jedi Tower during the Mandalorian Wars. He then spoke, "Friends, good people of Taris! I have come on behaf of the Sith! The Republic are weak, and they shall not have Taris under their command any longer. We need our own foothold in the outer rim in order to conquer the weaklings!"

An elderly Jedi spoke up, "But sir, what will us Jedi do?"

"Well my good friend! You shall all become Dark Jedi!" A cheer went up before the entire Lower City, they all marched up to the uppercity as if on a rampage. A squad of Republic troops were sent to investigate and Malak showed them the true power of the Dark Side. The people were sure convinced that this man, Malak was the right person to follow.

"Are their any poloticians here? I have an idea."

"Indeed!" a drunk looking man said stumbling through the crowed. "I'll help, Sith."

"I need somebody to infiltrate the administrative center and assasinate the Tarisian president, then you can replace him."

"Indeed, my secret service will take care of it, His Exelency is a weak fool! I will take his place, and then Taris will be under the influence of the Sith!" So the order was carried out.

Within two months, their was a drastic change in goverment, and Taris was under the Sith's control, for now......

"Master, Taris is a Sith World now, at least under this leadership!" Malak said one day. I have sent a message a while ago regarding other ways I can gain prestige, are you interested?"

Note for Spitfire: I did post a transmition for Lord Revan five or six posts ago, read it and give your input in the next RP!

Then Malak began to sing a song: "Pants on the Ground! Pants on the Ground! Lookin' like a fool with yo pants on the ground! Pants on the Ground!"

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