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Originally Posted by DarthSlinky View Post
Actually we really don't know what happen to Grievous, you can thank The Clone Wars for that.

Nah Vader didn't get a new suit for ESB and ROTJ he just got a new helmet (a non lopsided one) and had some stormtroopers polish his armor
Well, as any close observer of the films can see (never mind one who looks at the actual props), the Vader helmet, belt/chest gadgets, "armor" (on the shoulders and breast bone) change in every movie they're featured in.

If we go with the movies in "chronological" order, then the mask goes, for example (just the most obvious changes), from symmetrical to asymmetrical, the eye lenses change from opaque black to transparent red, and Vader's height and the size of his gloves change in that 19 year period between Episode III and IV. ESB's most obvious change is in the "armor" (shoulder pieces are now separate, for example).

And what is "the suit" anyway? Vader isn't wearing a space suit, though the way some people talk, you'd think he was wearing an all encasing shell of powered armor (like the Darktrooper project creations). That's simply not the case from the movies (incidentally a lot of people think that about Boba Fett as well, but close observation of Jango's suit reveals it's mostly cloth/leather with some flexible "armor" pieces grafted on top plus a helmet and pads).

Really all it is, is a helmet with breathing assistance, a voice modulator and some kind of optical system (if we ignore the contradictory EU material and just stick with what the movies show us). The "regulator" controls for this breathing system appear to be contained on the little chest box (which is simple attached to the cloth) and a belt box. Vader's "armor" consists of a neck brace, the two piece helmet, and a shoulder piece that in some movies appears to be a solid piece that goes over the top and other times has joints for the arms. Sure, he has two mechanical arms (one the full arm, the other just the forearm), and two mechanical legs below the knee (not revealed until Episode III), but the rest of his costume is just a black jump suit, some leather gloves and a cape. Sure, it looks like he's got a rubber codpiece too.

But anyway, I'm rambling, so don't listen to what I'm saying, look for yourself at some comparisons. It may be hard to tell unless you put them side by side, but you'll eventually see that while similar, they are different in every film, which makes me think it was intentional. In any case, whatever some EU source says, the "suit" is different, if not aesthetically, then also in terms of function.

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wookiepedia says
However, "wookieepedia" isn't canon. Where are they getting this assumption from?

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