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"Say you two wouldn't be interested in getting some ice cream there with me. I don't wanna brag but I've been known to make a mean sundae. Besides it'll give me a chance to talk to you about what I wanted Moxie, and it'll give all of us a chance to get to know each other better."

Moxie smiled. "Well, I think it'll be cool. What about you, Ash?"

She turned to look at Ashtin.


"Lets see, getting pulled over for speeding, doing more know the usual crazy stuff. What about you Sonya?"

Sonya shrugged, smiling. "Well... I was planning on going to college. But I wanted to be like a secret agent or something. Have more adventure in my life, ya know?"

Suddenly, a man came up to the two teenagers. It was Manson. "Sonya Edison?"

"That's me, sir," Sonya smiled, standing up.

The old leader smiled and chuckled. "Good to see you have another friend. Your instructor is waiting for you in the board room."

Sonya smiled. "Thank you, sir." She glanced over at John. "Well'p, I'll see ya later, Johnny. Instructor's come callin'." She smiled and waved good-bye.

After Sonya left, Manson turned to John and smiled. Extending his hand to him, he said, "William Manson. Leader of this organization. And you are...?"


Sonya finally came to the board room's door. She breathed silently, then opened the door, stepping inside.

But when she stepped inside, Sonya quietly gasped. This was her instructor? Sonya gulped, and smiled sheepishly. "Whoa..." she thought to herself. She stood there at the end of her table by her seat. "Um... hello... sir." Sonya smiled, lost in her own world.
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