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Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn View Post
Hey, that is the downside of mod-making, gotta take lumps sometimes.

I appreciate your dedication and continued work, and I like some of what you do. However, TriggerGod's and other's criticism of your work is justified - many of your "improved" textures either seem totally out-of-place, or there is substantial tiling, which is hugely distracting in that it removes any realism from the texture.

Your experience making these mods does not make them or this one good. It is the community which makes these judgments, which ever way it turns out.
Well im saying at least give it a chance trigger god just said that it look unreal and tiling he failed to mention what looked unreal and whats tiling ive done 17 or more planets between tsl and kotor and some comments don't make sense until you have tried the mod at least once before you judge on just pics. These was a New content mod made for kotor last year but the graphics he made were terrible no body hardly complained about that they just said oh i love your mod. i realize that was not his focus but he did change the graphics. So yes excuse if if i'm a little on edge but i believe on give something new a fair chance.

These mods are difficult to do it like a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit what looks right especially since some game have shared textures between levels. Almost every texture in kotor tsl and ja all have tiled/repeating textures its just more noticeable in certain patterns than than others. Theres nothing i can do about it so let it be............ I make as many texture seamless{ MEANS NO STRAIGHT LINE IN BETWEEN THE TEXTURES] as i can thats all i can do.

I am aware that people accept content mods or story mods or new area mods over what i'm doing but i don't want to do what everyone else is doing.

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