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Baldur heard the door of the board room open, but he was still staring at the laptop which scrolled through Sonya's personal biography. He shut the screen back down, and glanced up at his expected arival. He took his hat off and placed it onto the table, then he clammed his hands together.

"Goodevening. You must be Edison." he greeted. "Please, sit down."

He waited to do as she was told. Meanwhile, he unholstered both his heavily customised revolvers and placed each one beside him on the table. "I understand you had some involvement during the AWO Massacre in New York last year. You know it took a long time trying to cover the conspiracy of Vampire and Werewolf existance."

He picked up one of his guns and began toying with it by spinning it with his fingers using the Trigger Guard. His gaze didnt leave the sight of Edison. "Given your involvment with helping taking down those Ametuar Dog Hunters, I suppose that does make you a logical choice of candidates to join our Organisation. We are professionals who have exisisted for hundreds of years."

With a snap, the pistol stopped spinning. Baldur's gripped the hand piece, and placed the gun back down onto the table.

"Before we begin, there is something I will need to ask you; have you ever killed anyone?" he grinned.
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