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I thought I should present an update report on the facts presented in my introduction.
2010 UPDATE:
My hair is not that long anymore, and I have it cut with more regularity. I'm suspiciously losing hair, so I should have that checked by a specialist, my hair is probably the source of all my powers and I wouldn't want to lose that.

The Dig Museum remains un-updated (down-dated?), although 2010 sounds like a year in which something might occur to it, something good.
On the other hand the Thrillville site has become the Thrillville Quarterly and is very alive and I have many brilliant plans for it.

I still choose Pepsi over coke whenever I can choose, so that remains unchanged.

And as a side note: It is too damn hot on this hemisphere! I envy you, fancy Europeans with your frozen-cold winter. We are currently "enjoying" of 33 degrees Celsius (or 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

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