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Unhappy more of the same

I have followed the initial post's directions exactly on three different computers with the same result. The game never starts, with no error message. It just does not start. I know it is doing something. When I open a web browser after trying to start the game, it sizes the page to 800x600 with white pixels filling the rest. Although, all three computers do have Nvidia video chipsets. One was a laptop with vista & separate video memory. One was a desktop running XP SP2 with a stand-alone Geforce 67xx (256MB) card. One was a desktop with an integrated shared memory video card running a fresh copy (but updated) copy of Vista SP2 (2GB system memory).

Should I install a copy of Win XP (without any service packs, or win98) on one of the desktops in a secondary partition, or is this mainly an Nvidia compatibility issue? Or hell, maybe I should just buy buy an old Xbox. However, I do prefer the keyboard & mouse to the controller. Also, I don't need any more clutter.

BTW, I was trying to run KOTOR 1.

With a straight install I got a pop-up error message with garbled ASCII characters on each of the three systems.

I doubt any solutions are available, but I would appreciate any comments.

Also, the only single core system I tried was the desktop with the shared memory video Nvidia chipset (Athlon 64 2.2 GHZ). I could install a stand alone ATI AGP card on this system and then an older operating system... But I'm wondering if it is even worth the time.

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