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TIE Fighter Bonus Goal Question (Battle 13, Mission 4)


Recently I've been re-playing LucasArts' "TIE Fighter" with the goal of completing all the bonus (and secondary) objectives in every mission. I've enjoyed the challenge so far, but I'm absolutely at a loss when it comes to Battle 13, Mission 4. My question, essentially, is: How do you get Corellian Transport Opos to appear?

For those that may remember this mission, you're in a missile boat -- launching from Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett -- seeking to recapture (or destroy) a missile boat that has fallen into Rebel hands. It's held in one of six containers near a Rebel platform (the Enin'sd).

Now, during the battle, a few things happen: a Rebel strike cruiser (the Piimi) shows up and engages the Garrett; a Rebel modified corellian corvette (the Keeper) shows up and tries to dock/enter hyperspace with the container that holds the stolen missile boat; much later, a Rebel frigate (the Equator) shows up in a last-minute attempt to destroy the Garrett. At no point, however, does a corellian transport named "Opos" arrive, and -- after much trial and much error -- I'm totally out of ideas as to how to trigger its arrival. Anyone know the answer to this puzzle?


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