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Hey... Look who's finally back... Hopefully.
I think these are all the requests that haven't been filled yet

1. I want his name to be Kryra
2. Start off colorwise with matte black and then diagonal dark blue stripes on the shoulders with a stripe like "Boss" on the helmet, On the chest add blue around the collar of the plate down into a "T" then circling the plate once the stem of the "T" gets down to about 1/4 of the plate. Have the Blue highlighted on the greeves and boots. Last thing, have their be a blue stripe on the gauntlets. Wait i lied one more thing. Give him the standard visor color....
3. For a weapon if it is at all possible give him the DC-17m with Sniper Attachment
4. only thing i would add is some sort of modification to the backpack....what ever who ever gets this wants to try
Gray and Black Camo if possible on the entire armor suit
DC-17 blaster attachment dual wield
Recon Backpack
Blaster Packs on the thighs
Ark Angel
2)1 orange stripe on head, 2 sky blue stripes on sides of head, orange stripes across arms, and blue at joints below waist.
3)Regular Commando Rifle, no attachments
4)Backpack an ammo strap on thigh
I would like to have a costomized commando with the model of RC Sev from Delta Squad. Except the white color has to be black, the red camo has to be white and his visor has to be red and if you could make one with his visor white that would be awesome(don't know what would look cooler). Weapon; a DC-17 with sniper attachment.
RC-2255 Juntauu
Red, Black, and Yellow Katarn Armor
DC-17 rifle with a verpine shatter as a sidearm
Verpine Shatter Pistol Side arm
Mythosaur skull on chest plate
Republic sign tinted yellow on shoulders
Equipment backpack
RC-1270 Zypher
Red and Black Katarn Armor
DC-17 Rifle with Verpine shatter side arm
Equipment backpack Mythosaur Skull on chest. Republic signs on shoulders(yellow)
Light Gray
DC 17m rifle
Many marks, scratches, and burns all over the armor. If possible, place an ammo clip on the left shoulder pad, and explosive devices on the right leg. (if you can't thats fine) and try to make some broken battle droids in the background. I will be using this photo for a numerous amount of things so make it good plz!
Originally Posted by I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be the same as the one Rinku did earlier
gold forearms,elbow pads,kneepads,and gold stripe down the middle of the helmet ending at the top of his visor.everything else red.
an clone assassin helmet if possible.
black-all over, grey-left sholder
left sholder shoudl have blood red srtip down center sholder and left side. vicer shoudl be also blood red! put a gray empire sign on chest plate but on blood red line near top! have anti armor rounds around leg wiht blue srip on them blood red.
Orange and Black and White (Commander Cody Style)
DC-17 Commando Blaster
look at a picture from "Commander Cody" Star wars the clone wars.
Originally Posted by finally, at
After looking at the woodland MARPAT what's a mod gotta do to get one in desert MARPAT? Maybe a gold or red visor. And again a regular deecee.

And the Strider Knives logo seen here.

Just the logo. Of course I'll need it for avatar size too.

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