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This kind of plot idea was in my head when I was going to sleep.
So this is just a part of the plot or an idea:
Benīs father, who is a famous politician and rich as well told Ben to come to Connerpolis(A new city created by me!) to meet him. Ben was never too near with his father, but he goes to Connerpolis.

When Ben gets there, they talk about everything drinking beer and whiskey.
Humphrey(Benīs father) tries little by little to get Ben to retire from The Polecats.

This part reveals a part of Benīs past life. Humphrey was a member of The Rottwheelers and he tried to raise Ben to be a Rottwheeler too,
but then a fight started between Ben and his father, 'cause Humphrey beat his wife, Rosalyn. Ben moved to Corville and he got Malcolm Corley as his friend. Malcolm gave a rusty old wrecked chopper to Ben and he tried to fix it,
but Ben didnīt have enough knowledge of fixing bikes.

Then Ben met Father Torque, a friend of Malcolm and the Leader of The Polecats. Father Torque helped Ben to fix his bike and they were good friends. Father Torque was like a father to Ben and Ben was like a son to Torque. He teached Ben to drive and how to be tough. When Ben was older he wanted to be a member of The Polecats and he became a VIP-member of The Polecats.

So the reason why Humphrey tries to get Ben to retire from The Polecats is that The Rottwheelers made a deal with Humphrey: Humphrey gets a load of money, if he can get Ben to retire.

Thatīs one of my ideas. It might be a little messy, but I think I wrote a pretty good chronicle.

Ideas for cutscenes:
Somebody who can model Ben in Blender, could use this
technique to make cutscenes.

I donīt have a clue about the validity of using sprites from the original game, but there are many Fan-Games, which use the sprites from the original game.

Thatīs all this time.
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