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Revan walked the ashes of Telos as the Sith scoured its surface. So many dead, slaughtered. He looked up and saw that the saw was darkening, as toxins started to fill the air. He shook his head. This was his fault. It was in his name that this genocide was commited.

But he could not stop. Not now, while they were on their way, while he was on his way to making sure this never happened again, not until the Sith Empire emerged from the dark corners of the galaxy.

"Field Marshall!" he called out to his general. "Leave the planet; nothing is to be pillaged. We're leaving this place."

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Nelniath swore under her breath. They were losing.

She called to her communicator to a fellow captain; "We're under heavy fire! Seventh Battalion, move in on the left flank!"

Let there be rock!

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