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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Just a Question or two: are you breaking the whole distribution ethics sanctity deal by uploading mods you have to a password-for-download secure server?

I distribute my (haphazardly) archived mods personally via email address. Snag is I cannot go to storage, get discs, look through them (with thousands of files besides several hundred other mods) and distribute on every request I get. I know uploading them to an open place like kotorfiles is a nono without author's permission...but is there seriously no other way I can make it easier on myself to share old PCGM mods?
The 'capper' honestly is publicly linking to it out right. Pretty much the same no-no as uploading to Kotorfiles without permission.

If you want to make it easier, you can upload the files to your storage medium of preference, however you MUST keep the link(s) personal/private.

This is pretty much how I have my archive of mods up on JumpStationZ. However, to DL anything, you need to receive a PM/email by me giving you the proper link.

The understanding is... If I EVER catch a link to my archives posted elsewhere (publicly).. I will password the directories. Or be a real ass and take down the whole archive no matter the loss.

Leechers beware

If this doesn't look appealing to you, unfortunately there's not really much choice left. If it's a burden to look up the mods/links.. you can give your archive link (privately) to a choice member(s) to help you watch over the requests thread. If you're not around to hand out the link, then your wing (wo)man can .. hehe.

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