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The interception of Republic reinforcements planned by the Revanchist was a great disaster. Intelligence reported two flagships and a few other cruisers, but the Sith fleet did not anticipate the number of the Republic Navy that showed up. The number of the ships was almost ten times the projected count, destroying the advantage Revan's and Krandor's fleets thought they had. Lord Revan was able to escape as Corsair stayed, and his fate was unknown for two months.

It had remained a complete mystery, those two months. As the momentum of the Sith advance came to a skidding halt, those two long months saw a lack of activity from the Sith Lord Corsair. It was not just a lack of activity too, but a lack of appearance. No one, not even Lord Revan, has seen the mysterious Krandor, and a lot of conspiracy theories have been formulated around the fact.

The two months, however, were over. Corsair was still alive, and he was still First Marshall of the Revanchists.

On the bridge of his cruiser, the not-so-gigantic-but-still-elegant Tormenter, Corsair stood in front of the hologram of his master, delivering his status report.

"Forgive me for the two-month leave I had to take, my Lord. Unexpected circumstances arose, and as First Marshall, I had to see they were taken care of.

After I personally ensured you escape the space battle over Foerost two months ago, I was able to recover a fragment of Karath's fleet. Along with the Leviathan, I count three Sith ships, and I have placed them under my personal command.

That said and done, my Lord, I await new orders."

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