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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
LA is just a dumb company that won't listen to what others have to say. I should email GL in person!
ok im going jump in here.
first for all those who hate Lucas arts for giving K2 to obsidian
you should know they gave it to bioware but they gave it to obsidian
becuase at the time bioware liked making origianal projects like jade empire and mass effect. and if bioware had made K3 it wouldnt be good as after K1 bioware began making multipal projects i think they were making about 4 games at a time and 1 took 5 years.

plus i think obsidian did a good job on K2 sure that cut a lot of stuff out but they offered to put all the cut things in a downloadable but LA was like "noooooooooo!!!! lets make all the fans hope some modder makes it and then they will relise we hate them HAHAHAHA!"

the ending was my lol moment
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