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Baldur exchanged another silly looking grim looked towards Sonya when misintepreted his words. "I'm... I'm very sorry, sir. I didn't meant to do that."

"This one is gonna need some more work than I thought..." he whispered under his breath, that it almost sounded like he mumbled.

"Sir? If I may ask... how'd you do that? Ya know, with the whole disappearing thing?"

"Ah yes, my apoligies. I didnt give you the chance to ask any questions before we started. How rude of me..." he crossed his arms. "Very well. In answer to your question; what you just witnessed was a Self Transmutation that atomises my form in with the oxygen, and can channel my conscience to another place instaneously. A form of Teleportation, to simplify things."

Baldur walked over to the glass cabinet across from them. He pulled out a SS Standard Issue Semi-Automatic Pistol. He handed Sonya the pistol, as well as the magazine that came with it.

"Tell you what... If you can beat the Initiate Score of 55, you can ask me any question you wish that I am enabled to answer. I'll give you three shots of practice, before moving onto the task."
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