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Originally Posted by RebornWookiee View Post
More people want K3 and they already have star wars galaxies we dont need another mmo and they are already making profit on galaxies so it wouldnt even matter about the money side. K3 lucasarts! Thats what we want!!!!
Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II
We all know they won't listen. They believe us "common folk" are nothing but ranters, and that is partially true, since we are ranting and raving about the MMO. While I agree SW Galaxies is a fine enough MMO, the graphics and newer gameplay on TOR will attract more players, and thus more money for them.
I didn't know that they shouldn't be allowed to have another MMO because there is one already. Galaxies was, and is, awful. They've been hemorrhaging players for years now, ever since introducing 'improvements' that, according to general consensus, made the game worse.

There was never a clear promise of a third game, and I'd love to see the evidence that more people want a KOTOR3, as i'm pretty sure that the average gamer who played K1 and 2 wouldn't care if there was a third one or not.
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