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Originally Posted by Johnathon-Mk II View Post
We all know they won't listen. They believe us "common folk" are nothing but ranters, and that is partially true, since we are ranting and raving about the MMO.
You guys are out to lunch. LA/Bioware are making TOR because there is a huge demand for it and such games. Yes they are in it to make money because they are a company. That is what a company does. They aren't a charity. Everything is a cost/benefit analysis.

If you guys like what they make or how they do business, don't buy their products. That is how you really make a company sit up and take notice. If enough other people have the same view as yours, they will adjust their products accordingly. But you are kidding yourselves if you think TOR isn't going to have huge sales numbers. Why? Because a ton of people want to play it. So you can't say they are making something that no one wants. Like it or not.

Originally Posted by RebornWookiee
Yeah i agree man! I hate it when they keep saying " The old republic is knights of the old republic 4 5 6 7 and more." Thats great lucasarts but um........WHAT HAPPEND TO REVAN AND THE EXILE??
They have explained that already, haven't they?

And if anyone wants to contact them and explain that the masses want K3, google is a great tool for finding out how to contact them...

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