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Anyone with a ready-to-go model? Worships help!

Hi, I've tried to make my own character before but I got completely freaked out at the weighing part (and the other parts that I skipped..) and the "wrong version" of this and that and the painful google searches.

So my question is (and I would pay you in hugs).. can anyone give me a already finished model where my only job is to edit the shape of the model? Or, is there a way to replace bodyparts completely with new shapes? I'm talking about very, very basic shapes here, click and drag a ball for a head etc.
One of my biggest dreams is to run around in jedi knight II being my own character, a human sized chicken with a lightsaber you see.
In other words, the modeling process probably won't be a problem, as I would only click and drag vertices until the model looks amazing, and then hit a compile button?
I have 3DS max to help me out, and Milkshape 3D. Is this as possible as I make it sound like?
*shaking in eager*
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