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Hey everyone,

The developers built the Jedi classes around their class story. I agree if you look at the Jedi knight it is a general term.

Since the foundation of all classes are their stories. So a Jedi knight class will have story which will be geared for more combat for example tracking down a Sith Lord. A Jedi consular would have a story where they track down the corruption in the Republic or try to help negotiate with neutral or a planet in a civil to help build influence so the planet will aid the Republic.

As for Jedi classes ...a Jedi knight is the Jedi who we see normally ....a Jedi consular is the Jedi who study at the Jedi temple and usually are the teachers on historian sect of the Jedi. By the develpers saying the consular is like Obi wan is their way to give the players an idea how the class will play.....but this leads to confusion...

The confusion between develper and player is basically miss-communication....the developers just need to be a little more clear...on examples for these classes...


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