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"I don´t think we should use ripped backgrounds from the game, because when we draw new ones, they might not fit together. And anyway, I think that the happenings of the game will not be located in the Melonweed, Corville or anywhere near there, expect Kick-stand can be used. We should create couple of new cities and characters."

I agree with that , though my novel starts in Melonweed and includes a few old characters. That is in the beginning though. I think it's good enough to use it as the game story , but if you don't want to use it , it's fine with me. You're the boss.
Still , don't you think that not including Ben and a few original characters would kinda be wrong? It's a fan game after all... I mean , sure we will create new locations and characters , but we should keep the Full Throttle-feel.

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