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Would you believe sigs?

Eclipse Sig:

EDIT: I'm really getting into the Blue Suns. The more I look at that recruitment sig, the more it makes me want to make another desktop background so....

Show spoiler

EDIT: Despite not wanting to even deviate from my current run of ME2 sigs, I just couldn't resist this one. It's around 8:00 PM where I live, and there's this moth flying incessently into my lamp. Each time it hits it, it falls back onto my table, singed, and dazed. After a few seconds, it gets back up and repeats the process. I can't bring myself to kill it, so I made a sig depicting the randomness of that act. Bzzz... ZAP! Bzzzz... ZAP! ... ... ... BZZZZZ... ZAP! ... Bzzz... ZAP! They must think its the light at the end of the tunnel 'eh?

Ahhh, I love making sigs. As the eternal cynic responded to the eternal bard's statement of, "Life is like a box of chocolates" - "Yeah, toxic to dogs. Also explains why they don't live to long." ^_^ :P

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