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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
And you are basing this statement on... ?
A poll that i read somewhere on the forums. Ask around i guarantee u more people want a single player k3.

Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter View Post
Hey - I'm like everyone else here - I want single player K3 also - but what makes you think "soooooooooooooo many more fans" want single player K3? Of course they do here - we're on a forum that's centered around K1 and K2, so it's only natural all of us would want K3. However, I think it's probable that, on the whole, more people would be interested in the MMORPG, and I believe LucasArts came to the same conclusion and greenlighted the project.

If you want to make the argument that LucasArts should forget about the opportunity cost (lost profits) from making K3 for the sake of the fan-following, I'd believe you had firm ground to stand on (albeit naive), but to assume that you know the business model/forecast better than LucasArts is probably a bad basis for your argument.
They were actually well into production on k3 and had a complete storyline but the only reason they did not finish it was because a lot of LA employess were laid off that were working on k3 and they just decided to cancel it because they figured an MMO would be more profitable. Thats the only reason more profit more money. Im upset but in this struggling economy i know a company needs money and i do respect that. But i like to whine and moan about it cuz it makes me feel better.

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