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Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter View Post
For example, Obi-Wan is the archetypal example of a Consular, which makes sense to me, and Mace Windu is the archetypal example of a Guardian. They are both Jedi Knights, however.
But I think these example exemplify the problem (which isn't really a problem, and I understand the gameplay reasons). In most cases it seems there really isn't a delineation between most Jedi, simply different ranges of power.

Let's take the four examples of Obi-wan, Qui-gon, Mace, and Yoda. They all fit the description of both guardian and consulars. Obi-wan is the master of Form III. Qui-gon is described as one of the greatest lightsaber masters in the Order in TPM novelization. Mace we know about, and Yoda is the best lightsaber master of all.

Conversely Obi-wan is the "negotiator". Qui-gon usually used negotation and mind tricks to achieve his goals. Mace is in the elite of Force users, and of course Yoda is the old mage.

The fact is they are all both guardians and consulars, as the Jedi's role is pretty much defined that way.

But, that doesn't necessarily make a better game.

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