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"You may begin." Baldur replied. "I want to see how you fire a pistol. Then, I can help correct your mistakes. Afterward, your Orientation may conclude and we can start preparing you for your first assignment."

Sonya smiled and nodded. "Gotcha." Sonya placed the magazine down beside her, and began to point at the A2 sheet of paper in the target field. But before she could fire, she heard Baldur from behind.

"But first..." He approached her, placing a hand on hers that was holding the gun. "Safety off." he smirked.

Sonya nodded, switching the safety off. She then bit her lower lip, smiling and blushing that Baldur touched her hand. She cleared her throat, and stood in correct position. At the age of 15, her father, who was in the U.S. Army, taught her how to use a gun. Her mother forbade it, but it was to teach her how to protect herself from any harm.

Sadly, her father died in the war. This broke her heart, seeing that she never killed or picked up gun again. Until now...


Doing as Baldur told her, Sonya fired the pistol. Her shot was a few inches away from the main target. She shot 5 more shots until she stopped. Placing the gun down sadly, she glanced down quietly.
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