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Shadowing wasn't exactly a bad idea to Ashtin, perhaps observing would help gain Moxie's courage a little more. Though the thought also crossed his mind that Moxie observing a deranged lunatic might also turn her into something similar. But the thought of Moxie turning into a mindless killer was hard for him to believe any how. A small chuckle formed in the back of his throat that was quickly suppressed at the idea Moxie would be able to kill much of anything.

"As long as she doesn't get killed" Ashtin said nodding his head.

In all honesty that he kept hidden from others is that he was glad Moxie chose to avoid rushing head first into a dangerous situation. He knew himself to well and knew that her presence would be a slight distraction for him since his desire to protect her was a strong one. And that could lead to them both getting hurt or being killed. As the thought traveled through his mind that he could lose Moxie, his hand gripped her shoulder a little tighter as if he was trying to make sure she was still by his side. Such emotions that he had thought he locked away so long ago came rushing back with a bull's fury with her very presence. Sometimes he feels like running from her, and others he simply just wishes to embrace her... and he knew... he knew to well that... that once time continues on what they have will grow old and simply die.

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