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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Lol. "chorney art" puts him right at the top of Google (at least for me). It's interesting to note that he seems to have worked on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... Did he do the final poster art? If he didn't, then Drew Struzan owes him a thanks!
Yeah, I don't know why I failed at googling him... Crusade's final poster art was done by Struzan, but who knows who "got inspired" by whom?

Anyway, the layout of the thing was pretty much determined by the ad:

It's a pity that it's cropped on the right side, so it can't be centered. There is a landscape-version of the ad, which works a bit better composition-wise:

Let's hope Steve will reply, and fix me up with the full artwork.

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