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Battle Suit Utopia

Battle Suit Utopia

In the year 2052, War ravaged the World. Europe standing as a single force began a world wide invasion. Alliances were made and others were broken.

Japan, unable to have an army of its own after the terms of the Second World War, has joined an alliance formed by American, Canadian and Mexican Forces for the development of heavy mobile units, one manned robots with enough destructive power to take on legions of infantry troops.

But Europe did not foresee the rise of the Chinese, Russian and Korean forces. The nuclear winter lasted 30 years in Europe. The surviving British forces joined the new MDN or Mobile Defense Network created by Japan and the three American Continent Titans.

Now, the year is 2132. The Chinese seek to establish a new world order under the flag of communism. America, being as weakest as it’s never been, seeks to rally with the members of the MDN more countries to their side, mainly the Arabian countries. Knowing fully well of the history between America and these countries, Japan and Mexico have established negotiations with the Arab officials.

The Arabs have conditioned their alliance by stating that they will only join if the MDN liberates Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan from Chinese and Russian occupation, a condition that MDN has decided to take on.

The Elite group of the MDN is formed by some of the most extraordinary military agents from around the world. Resistance fighters and national army members are also among the ranks. The special units piloted by the elite are called Battle Suits. Each battle suit and the pilot have a codename. You are one of them.


A firefight?

Doctor Suzuhara looked over to the metal door as it opened up and a panting soldier came through it. He moved towards the soldier and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Catch your breath son, what is it?”, Doctor Suzuhara asked. The soldier lifted his head and shook it.

“Th-They’re everywhere sir. There’s no chance… we can survive this”, the soldier said.

Doctor Suzuhara turned on the giant screen of his lab and looked at the security feed. Several hundreds of soldiers and enemy Battle Suits made their way through the military compound of MDN’s Research facility in the Himalayan’s.

“Then we must move quickly. Make sure they can keep the uplink up. I’m sending all this data to the one person I can trust, and then we’re torching the place”, Doctor Suzuhara said.

“But sir, you will die”, the soldier said with a sad look on his face.

“We all die some time soldier”, Doctor Suzuhara said. “Besides, the only person I can trust is also the only person capable of continuing my research. She will be able to decode the encryption in no time.”

“You mean Haru-chan?”, the soldier asked.

Doctor Naoki Suzuhara turned to look at the small picture frame on his desk. The picture was of him, a lovely woman who seemed to be his wife and a small child with black hair and purple-ish eyes.

“Yes, my lovely daughter”, Doctor Suzuhara said and the soldier moved to the door.

“I have some messages for her to record, so make sure they keep the uplink up”, Doctor Suzuhara said and the soldier saluted and left. The doctor then started typing on the computer and looked over to the camera as the shockwaves of the attacks on the surface began to take their toll on the building and some of the equipment began to fall down and sparks began flying everywhere.

“My dear Haruka, I’m sorry things turned out like this and it seems I’ll have to break my promise…”

Shōri (Victory) Weapons Testing Facility, south pacific near the coasts of Yokohama.

Two men made their way through the halls of the installation which lay underwater, a General and an Associate of the MDN Board of Directors.

“The attack on the Himalayan Facility was a direct challenge from the Chinese Alliance”, The General said.

“I’m well aware of that General Ramirez, but what is the status of Doctor Suzuhara?”, The Associate asked.

“We don’t know yet Director Kellen, the team is busy removing the rubble, if he’s alive we’ll find him, but I have to be honest with you, it’s not looking too good”, Ramirez said with a frown.

“Has his child been notified yet?”, Kellen asked.

“No, not yet. But she’s sure to find out in the news”, Ramirez said.

“No. The news have been altered. We can’t let them know that one of our top scientists in the area of Battle Suit technology is missing and probably dead. Keep her in the dark as long as possible, it’s best for her and best for us”, Kellen said.

“I don’t know Director Kellen, the girl is a god damned genius, I even dare to think she’s smarter than her old man. They worked together on the interface of the new Diavolon Model, it decreases the response time between the pilot and the suit to almost instantly. That same technology is being applied to the rest of the units here”, Ramirez said.

“Well, it won’t hurt to try. She’s also one of the best pilots we got. If she’s affected by this it might cloud her judgment. We can’t let that happen”, Kellen said.

“Alright sir, we’ll try”, Ramirez replied and changed the subject. “About the operation into Iraq?”

“Ah yes, I trust the team is ready?”, Kellen asked.

“We’re just awaiting the rest of the team to arrive”, Ramirez said.

“Well, you have your orders and access to any weaponry you need, we need that alliance with the Arabs, otherwise the last of the oil reserves on this planet will fall to the Chinese and we’re as good as dead”, Kellen said.

“We won’t let that happen sir, you’ll see”, Ramirez said and both men went on their way. Ramirez headed to the hangar bay in which some transports were pulling in. He looked over to the right and saw a young girl with dark hair and beautiful Japanese features in a science robe.

“Chief Suzuhara, how we doin’?”, Ramirez asked.

“Well, according to the latest readings all the Battle Suits are ready and we’ve installed the new interface in the old and new models alike. We’ll just have to see how they perform when the new unit members arrive”, Haruka said.

Ramirez turned around to see the transports.

“Well they’re here so we might just say hello”, Ramirez said.

“Well sir, that’s your job. I have to tend to the Battle Suits, so I’ll keep working over here, if you need me just call out”, Haruka said.

“Alright Chief, you’re dismissed”, Ramirez said and moved towards the transports. He stood there with the welcoming committee.

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