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Love's Death

A long time ago, during the Sith-Imperial War,
I saw her. A wondrous, young woman.
Her golden hair swayed in the breeze as she danced,
and her eyes reflected the bright blue skies whenever
she smiled.

This young woman's heart was cheerful as a child;
an angelic voice of hers that echoed through my mind.
Yet, she seemed sadden for the Galaxy.
For me...

She saw me as a hero, not a bounty hunter or rogue.
Her comfort was like no other; a guardian spirit.
Her love was her strength, and nothing, not even a Sith,
could take that love away from her.

Now... she is gone from me. I grieve with anger, guilt, and
sadness. But thank the Force, she did not die in vain from a
lightsaber's pierce, a blaster wound, or anything horrible.
But that a deep sleep took her.

The Force be with you Lyna. My love, my friend.
Thank you for leading me to the road of redemption,
and not destruction.
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