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Pete Cook and his new prototype Protos 3000 had just arrived with a small squad of MDN troopers have arrived on the once flourishing moon colony called "Arc", his mission......retake the facility that once served the great American cause.

"Sir," one of Cook's men saluted, "The mercs sent to reboot the station aren't rsponding!"

"Most likely interfearence! I think some of them are still alive." Something moved in the shadows.

"What was that sir?!" a soldier asked.

"Corpral, take two men with you to the control room within the facility. The other four and I will check it out." As the three troops went deeper into the abandoned colony, Cook and the others went down the corridor where he thought he saw the shadow go into. Sure enough, as he walked into the room, a large bug-shaped robot picked him up by the neck and shot two of Cook's companions though he shot the strange droid before it killed any more of his squad.

"Must be one of those new communist droids!" Cook gasped as he attempted to breathe. We need to warn the others!"

Cook and his two companions ran down the corridor, this time aware of the enemy presence which was abliviated every time they saw one. They arrived at the control room in a nick of time just to find the corpral and the other two troops dead. "This is definetely not good!" one of the soldiers whispered two Cook and the other private.

"Help!" a voice said comming from a supply closet. Cook pushed the debris away and helped four surviving Mercs up and armed them with handguns.

"They were everyware!" one of the mercenaries said. They killed the others, but we survived!"

"Do you know a way out?" Cook asked.

"Yes, we have a shuttle down in the open hangar! Can you escort us there?"

"Once we take care of these guys first!" Cook said blasting one of the encroaching bugdroids. They fought bravely, but were soon overun. Cook then pressed a button on his wrist, and soon enough a huge battle suit came blasting through the door. Cook hopped inside and blasted away at the army that was coming. "You guys get outta here! " he yelled as the survivors and his two sqaud members ran down the hallway. He then got out of his suit and set the self distruct setting ready for the station. Right as it blew up, he escaped in his suit.

Over the comlink to his squad memberswho made it out ok, Cook said, "Well at least we know who is here now, the communists programmed assasin droids to hold this station. They want a foothold in space too. If we want a foothold too, we may need an entire army! But for now, our beautiful moon is a battlefield, it is no man's land......"

To be continued........

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