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She turned over to Roman and bowed slightly.

"My name is Suzuhara Haruka, my callsign is Phyxius and I pilot Aegis...11", Haruka said pausing a little to not say the number in japanese. She then moved closer to him and approached the railing overlooking the Lævateinn 2. "It's a very beautiful piece of work, I was tasked with upgrading it and checking it's system, but I couldn't bring myself to tamper with it. Especially after the AI interface it has seems to be almost a 100% synchronized with you. Not many pilots achieve this. I only took the liberty of checking the weapon system to make sure it was ready, no tampering whatsoever, my father wouldn't have tampered with it either, in fact I sent him a photo of it, he was so excited he wanted to come here and see it."

She then leaned on the railing and looked at all the battle suits.

"I have been working with Battle Suits since I was a little girl", Haruka said and then looked over to the new group. "I noticed everyone finds my attire to be a bit weird, it's because I suffer from poor blood circulation so I get cold very easily and bruised, but it's not a major thing. How about you Roman? I can tell you're not russian by your accent, as I can tell Zhao isn't Chinese per say. I have an ear for this, since we have so many people from so many countries around here."

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